Now Patented

Anti Caulk

The Anti caulk bevel eliminates the need to finish caulk.

Cove Anchor

The unique cove anchor aids in creating a water barrier while providing vastly superior adhesion to the substrate.

Fire Resistant

Watch the video here to see that our cove does not ignite with direct contact with a flame.

CSP 3 Profile

Having the right profile is critical to high performance in the world of resinous flooring systems. Only Easycove comes with a CSP 3 profile built in! You wouldn’t put a floor down on a smooth slab of concrete and you know better than to do that on a smooth piece of cove! Easycove better by design!


Dovelock™ interlocking bond channels create superior adhesion and allow Easycove® to be used in wet environments.

One of a kind floor to wall cove system

Better by Design

You deserve the best!

Easycove’s patented cove system is truly one of a kind! In the course of countless hours, designs and improvements, we are proud to offer you the most effective cove on the market. Longevity and durability are our standard and our commercial cove system, paired with our custom formulated adhesive creates a bond so strong that when applied to a concrete surface, takes over 300lbs of pulling force to remove a section less than 2 feet long off of a wall.

Installers and Distributors: save time and energy with this easy to install product. Easycove® patented cove base is virtually maintenance free: set it and forget it.

They say ‘proof is in the pulling’…see our results for yourself.

Time is Money

The speed of installation is unmatched. Each length is 4’ long and with our specially formulated Join and Seal adhesive, marrying lengths together is incredibly fast and simple. Installing a full wall length of cove takes mere minutes, saving a lot of time on installation.

Safety First

Our experience in polymer products gives us a deep understanding of how to create a product that delivers on safety. Our cove simply will not start on fire. Hold a lighter to our product for any amount of time and it doesn’t light! Another safety function is creating a complete barrier to moisture when installed correctly. Moisture will not penetrate the seals preventing mold growth behind the cove. This is especially important in medical and foodservice applications.

Why Easycove®

Easycove® coving saves you time and money! Thousands of linear feet of Easycove® coving can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional trowel down or other precast cove bases. In addition, the one-of-a-kind “no caulk” lip bevel eliminates the need to finish caulk. Just adhere to the wall with our recommended adhesive and coat.

A Superior Product

Easycove® coving has been uniquely engineered to create a vastly superior bond to the walls and floor. With our patented dual bond channels and cove anchor system, Easycove® coving outperforms all other products on the market today. The moisture barrier is second to none and will not degrade over time.

Increase Profits

Not only will Easycove® coving drastically save you money on your labor costs, it offers significant reductions in material costs as well. In addition, our product is lighter than the competitor, allowing us to pack more product into each shipment, saving you freight costs as well. For more information about pricing and ordering options, contact us today!