What makes us different?

September 23, 2022

What makes us different?

Easycove truly outperforms the competition! Not only that, but we recommend adhesives that work best with our products. What else sets us apart from competition?

  • Patented – Our design is unlike any other in the market
  • Cove Anchor – The unique cove anchor aids in creating a water barrier while providing vastly superior adhesion to the substrate. this
  • CSP 3 PROFILE – Having the right profile is critical to high performance in the world of resinous flooring systems. Only Easycove comes with a CSP3 profile built in. This unique profile provides the perfect balance and non-smooth surface for your flooring needs.
  • Dove Lock™ Bond Channel – interlocking bond channels create superior adhesion and allow Easycove to be used in wet environments.
  • Anti-Caulk Bevel – The Anti-caulk bevel eliminates the need to finish caulk.

Long-lasting and durable coving systems are crucial for excellent performance, and Easycove has you covered. Not only that, but our coving saves you time and money on labor costs, therefore increasing your profits.