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Specially formulated for fast-track repairs and as an excellent adhesive for flooring accessory installations.

EASYCOVE ADHESIVE® has been formulated to create the most secure bond possible for EASYCOVE preformed base coving to various substrates in a fast and convenient manner. EASYCOVE ADHESIVE®’s excellent bond strength, thick consistency, and quick setting attributes make it a superior choice over single component, solvent cut traditional construction adhesives.  


Our Easycove adhesive is a 2-part epoxy totaling 600 ml (2- 300 ml tubes)- with approximately 20 LF of coverage per tube “set” when using 1/8” bead.

Tack time: 20 min depending on temperature

It comes with a static mixer and needs to be warm enough for the product to mix and get to the proper consistency. The overall guarantee is that it surpasses any other product on the market for bond strength when used with our cove base.

Easycove Adhesive (600 ML)


Each 4 foot section of Easycove requires 12 lineal feet of adhesive. 8 lineal feet of adhesive will be taken up in the bond channels and 4 lineal feet of adhesive will be taken up in the inside corner where the wall and floor meet. Generally three tubesets will do 60 lineal feet of 4 or 6 inch cove base (1 box).

Limitations for Best Results

  • Do not thin this product.

  • Do not apply when humidity exceeds 70% indoors.

  • Allow each coat to dry to ‘tack-free’ prior to re-coat.

  • When re-coating, always apply the next coat within 24 hours of completing the previous coat.

  • Relatively thin beads (1⁄4” width x depth) of EASYCOVE ADHESIVE® are best – avoid deep fill repairs in a single lift as minor cracking during cure may result.

  • Mix thoroughly until a uniform gray color is achieved.

  • Tube Set applicator works best when the material is above 65F.

  • Partially used Tube Sets can be capped with supplied “D” caps and properly stored for later use.

  • Static mixers are for 1-time use so purchasing additional mixers is recommended.


Apply using dual cartridge 300ml x 300ml industrial caulk gun. EASYCOVE product test data is based on environmental temperatures of 75°F (24°C). Viscosity and working time are always affected by temperatures above or below that mark. When applying product – always consider the ambient, surface, and product temperature at the time and place of installation.


  • Available in gray.
  • The resin component is BLACK and the hardener is WHITE.
  • When mixed properly a uniform gray color is achieved.


  • Refer to EASYCOVE’s chemical resistant chart for specific information on each product/system or contact EASYCOVE directly.


  • DO NOT allow EASYCOVE products to freeze.
  • All EASYCOVE products should be properly stored above the floor on pallets or shelves, and in an area that has a constant minimum temperature of 50°F (10°C).


Always apply EASYCOVE products to a clean / sound substrate that is free of laitance, grease, oils, debris, and curing compounds. Concrete substrates should be cured for a minimum of 28 days prior to application of product

Whenever possible, remove existing coatings and/or flooring systems completely; if complete removal is not possible always perform tests to determine adhesion and compatibility to the existing flooring

Mechanical surface preparation to a CSP-2 minimum profile by means of a diamond grinding machine is the best and recommended preparation method for EASYCOVE ADHESIVE®. If the substrate is not properly prepared and the appropriate profile is not achieved, failure of the product to adhere to the substrate may occur.


Volume mix ratio1:1
Viscosity (mixed)50,000 CPS (approx.)
Solids Content (%)100% solids
VOCVOC/HAPs compliant
Application Temps.50°-80° F
Hardness (ASTM D-2240)85 (Shore D)
Gel Time15 minutes
Dry to Touch (recoat with compatible product)30 minutes
Through Cure (abletosand)45 minutes

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Important Notice

  • Always read and acquaint yourself with EASYCOVE- Product Data Sheet, SDS [safety data sheet], and product labels for each individual product prior to mixing and prior to use.

  • For further assistance, product questions, additional information and/or unexpected or unusual installation conditions – contact your local representative or EASYCOVE directly for recommendations.

  • Kit components are pre-measured for optimal performance.

  • Catalyzation errors due to incorrect mixing in the field voids product warranty.